Get the (kids) Party Started!

Although we focus mainly on weddings, we are also rather special at Children's Parties too! Like much of what we do, the content and method is based on seeing things that don't work - and changing it!
If you simply put on music for children, many of them won't dance, because they don't know how to, they are shy or they are being distracted. The very simple way to deal with this is to teach them the dance steps - and yet most DJs don't do this!

We don't believe in making a party into a competition, so fewer games, our emphasis is on interaction and involvement for all.

Parachute play with a happy birthday girl

To Start - Interaction, Interaction, Interaction. Simple dances at first to get everyone involved and to use up their excited energy. The dances get a little harder as we progress stage by stage. Drop in a small competition - who can go craziest to the song Aisy Waisy (lets go crazy). Although this is a "contest" it is open to all, as it doesn't require any skill - in fact there are bonus points for falling over! (although we don't tell them that).

A party isn't a party without a game, so we introduce Musical Bumps - again it is simple, its up tempo and it keeps the energy levels up. When a child is "out" we bring out three puppets. First children hold the puppets, subsequent children choose a "team" to go to - so we never actually use the word "out"

Just before food time we get the musical instruments out and have a bit of a carnival, and a line lead all round the room by the birthday child. This gets the children into a line, ready to sit at the table or collect their food - Parents tend to love this idea!

Music, dance and fun

After they eat, jumping around would be a BAD idea! We then do a seated activity - we have a hilarious story, parachute play or a very fast version of pass the parcel to choose from

Parachute fun

The final part of the party is the disco proper - lights down, disco lights up and play the birthday child's favourite songs. Throw in some cheerleader pom poms and you have a high energy end to the party - just as all the parents arrive to collect! The pom poms make for a great final photo too!

Birthday girl with pom poms surrounded by her friends!

There you have it - party the Silverball Leisure way. No "dance competitions", no bored children and no stress for you! We have plenty of other activities not covered here - just ask if you'd like to know more!