I LOVE Weddings!

It's your wedding day, the biggest and most special day of your life, and you want everything about it to be perfect - and so do I!  

From having an initial meeting with you, to setting up early, helping with all the bits and pieces on the day, making sure the first dance goes without a hitch and ensuring a big, spectacular end to your day, my 30 years experience will really show.

I don't do gimmicks, I do discos.  

I can offer uplighting and games to enhance your day, and I can provide an event management service to make use of my experience

A wedding DJ can, and should, add so much to your day - more than just turn up and play music.  At Silverball Leisure I believe that your DJ should go the extra mile to host, compere, organise and help to manage your big day as well as being engaging and entertaining. 

I believe it and I do it. 

Once you have decided to book
Silverball Leisure to provide the disco (and more) for your wedding reception I am always available to offer guidance or advice on any aspect of your special day.  With 30 years experience as a DJ and Events Professional, I have a lot of answers - and if I am stumped I also have a Facebook chat group where you can ask other brides for advice!  I want to ensure all of your wedding planning is as stress free as possible.

In the run up to your wedding day  we will meet face to face – if not we’ll talk by phone/Skype or (at worst) very detailed emails!  This meeting is to discuss your music choices, the timetable for your day and allows me to get to know you a bit better and understand how your special day will go.  I will then make sure that all your special music is available to me, and listen to your first dance several times so I know when best to make announcements etc.
Rik with the happy bride and groom on their wedding day

On the day I will always arrive way ahead of time to load in the equipment and set it all up.  Especially for a wedding it is important that the set up is neat and elegant as it will be on show all day and will form the backdrop to some of your most important photos.  No cables in view, certainly no extension leads hanging from stands! This not only means everything looks perfect for your perfect day, it also avoids that 7pm rush to set up for the evening - and as the equipment is in and set up you can have background music for your meal and microphones for your speeches - all part of the professional service!

An elegant set up, no mess, no cables and complementing the beautiful marquee and the reception

During the actual wedding breakfast the background music will be playing (there is never a need to "DJ" this and therefore never a need for extra payment!) and I am on hand to help make the day smooth and stress free for you. If you want a compere, an MC or a toastmaster I am happy to do this for you and have the experience, the voice, and confidence to do it.

Our Bride & Groom chose to cut their wedding cake with our unique sword - exciting and different

Cutting the Cake is the best way to start the evening celebrations, and as a major event it should be handled with professionalism and excitement!  I will liaise with everyone over timings, assemble the guests, introduce and also build that excitement!  Cakes deserve a countdown and a cheer – and you can use my sword if you so choose! If you don't trust yourself with a sword, I always carry an elegant cake knife in my "Justin Case" so I have all eventualities covered!

The First Dance is a very important part of the day – and the last formal thing you have to do.  Again, properly managed, built up with appropriate invitations (usually staged) for people to join you – parents, best man/bridesmaids etc.  It shouldn’t just stop at the first announcement.  Let’s make it a big deal and celebrate your marriage!

Beautiful Bride, happy Groom and a magical first dance

Now you can kick back and enjoy!  Based on your playlist, guest requests and of course reading the crowd we will have a fun night.  The last hour I now call “Bride Hour” when I can really focus on your favourite tunes until the big finish. 
No wedding should fizzle out, and all your guests will want to say goodbye to you, so its everyone on to the dance floor, lots of singalongs, arms in the air and a fitting end to your big day. 

Why have a DJ for your wedding?  The ability to read the crowd, react to what your guests are dancing to, a compere to make sure the important events go well, a light show, a huge range of music.

A good DJ can make such a difference to your special day.
A great DJ will help your day go smoothly
An excellent DJ will go beyond your expectations and make your day fabulous
Book an excellent DJ, book a DJ who cares
Big finish to the Reception End of the fun party bride and groom surrounded by family and friends