Your Wedding Day - Pre Ceremony

It's almost time...

The most important part of your day - in truth, the ONLY important part of your day is the actual ceremony, when you marry the love of your life.  Dressed, ready - there are still a few bits to go through, and three important tasks for the Wedding Butler.  For a hotel type wedding, you will both meet (separately) with the registrars to go through the legal bits and talk through the ceremony.  Groom first - which may mean escorting him past your guests and family.  It might seem rude sometimes, but you need to be in that meeting!  Having the Wedding butler at your side makes it much easier - guests understand when you are being escorted!

We're Going To The Chapel 

Once the groom has finished his meeting, it is usually time to move the guests.  Round them up and send them to the ceremony room.  Ideally, the ushers/groomsmen will help with the shepherding but having the Wedding Butler equipped with experience and a loud commanding voice will ensure your guests are seated in good time!

Steve Bridgwood Photography

Here Comes The Bride

Traditionally - everyone thinks - a bride should be late, but in reality you don't want to be.  Well, maybe a few minutes!  Timing is an important part of the whole day, so having the Wedding Butler keeping an eye on the time will save you a lot of heartache!  Ensuring all guests are seated before you start to move around, I will escort you from prep or car to the door of your ceremony. I'll check Dad is on your left, mum should be the last guest to enter the room.  A final word, a selfie to calm your nerves and a fluff of your dress and the aisle awaits.  Take it slow, enjoy every second and go get married!