In 1988, I founded Silverball Leisure as a simple disco.  Over the years I have grown in experience having supplied discos and services to hundreds, if not thousands of events, initially in The London-Surrey - Hampshire area, and now extended - after I moved! - to include the Midlands, Birmingham, Worcestershire and all points between the two areas.

For many years, alongside DJing I was working in "proper jobs" including a long spell in Air Traffic Control, a brief foray into banking and work in Housing Industry.  Being customer facing, and looking after people has been a main theme throughout my career!

In 2014 I went freelance - a long held dream.  Initially working for a front of House staffing agency and then a hospitality agency - which builds on my experiences gained while working as a restaurant manager for a global chain.

Since 2014 I have had the opportunity to work at some incredible events, in some incredible places and with some incredible people.  It seems cliched to say that you learn something new every day but in my case it is true.  All of these experiences have made me better at what I do and have lead me to where I am today and the services that I offer

After 35 years of providing discos, kids parties and all sorts of events I decided it was time to hang up my headphones and move on - but I haven't moved on very far!  As well as still being involved in music with Silverball Country I now specialise in weddings as a Wedding Butler.  All those years haven't been forgotten, and I feel that I am better equipped to work alongside other wedding suppliers having - in a way - done the job myself.Since 1988 I have spent 35 years making events more special - here's to the next 35!