Your Wedding Day - After The Ceremony

You're Married!

Walk back down the aisle, acknowledge the love from your guests and (hopefully!) get a glass of bubbles to celebrate! Traditionally your guests will now want to shower you with confetti which is of course one of the iconic photos of the day. I will be on hand to greet you as a married couple, and then marshal your guests to allow your photographer to get photos of you in the doorway of the church/ceremony room before setting up the confetti pic. While I line up your guests and explain how to throw the confetti for the best possible photo (yes, there really is a best way!) your photographers can be setting up their cameras and you can take a few minutes together.

Photo Time!

While your guests are enjoying a drinks reception, and maybe canapes and some activities, its time to get those photographs - of you as a couple and groups.  For the group shots I will be on hand to get people ready/into position, fetching them from wherever they are and supporting the photographer.  I'm there for you - making sure you have a drink (quick one between shots), holding your bits and pieces, whatever is needed!  I'm also known to "confiscate" mobile phones that are bulging in pockets, sort out jacket buttons etc!

For your couple pics, I'll be there to help find locations, hold your drinks, and make sure that the photographer has the chance to capture those timeless images.  As an extra pair if hands I will hold your bouquet, flick the veil and help to keep you smiling - while subtly checking time!  Everything I do means that its one less worry for your photographer - and for you!