Justin Case - a new breed of superhero!

A lot of planning goes into any event - especially a wedding, but sometimes things get forgotten, left behind, or just not thought of.  That's where Justin Case can help to save the day!

Armed with everything that might be needed at even the most organised of days, Justin Case is always
with us, in the background, ready to leap into action if required!

Based on real needs we have seen at events, Justin Case carries such items as long lighters, bottle openers, confetti, bubbles, even safety pins, tissues and plasters!

There are two things that Justin Case really doesn't like - cake knives that aren't elegant, and speeches announced by tapping a glass! (Justin Case is very fussy!)  To combat this, Justin Case always has this gorgeous cake knife ready to hand to ensure that the cake is cut beautifully and the photographs look just as gorgeous as they should.  The palm gavel means that your entrance or speeches are announced in a traditional, special way - and the banging of a gavel always gets the right reaction!

Justin Case

 Not really a superhero, just the standard, but excellent, level of service that we always provide at every single event