The Wedding Breakfast

There's a surprising amount going on at this point of the day!  Your entrance, the meal, the etiquette, the speeches - even the end of the event!  AS ever, I'm on hand to steer you through and make sure it all goes smoothly!

Your Entrance

Lets make it big!  
"Ladies and gentleman, would you please all be upstanding and welcome the new Mr and Mrs...  Your Bride and Groom (or "Happy Couple"!)
Your guests get to their feet, the doors open, the cameras flash..and you've got to make your way to your table!  Don't worry - I'm ahead of you (out of camera shot), I've worked out your route, I've moved some chairs and when you get to the top table I'm there to pull out your chairs, take your flowers and seat you!

Your Meal

Discreetly, I will look after you and your top table guests.  Etiquette isn't the be all and end all, but sometimes your family and closest friends will worry about using the wrong fork (they really will!), so I am there just to keep everyone comfortable, pour your wine, make sure you have the right food, liaise with your caterers etc.  I will make sure the kitchen know when you are ready for your next course, fetch you a soft drink from the bar - whatever you need

The Speeches

Love them or fear them, speeches (toasts) are still a part of most weddings.  By having an experienced Master of Ceremonies on hand you can make them so much easier!  From a proper introduction which doesn't involve a glass being tapped, a gavel banged or a call for silence (I recite a short poem) to making sure there are no awkward silences or fumbling with microphones.  Calming words before they start will help even the most nervous of public speakers, and nothing starts until you - and your photogtaphers - are ready