Your Wedding Day - In The Morning

Thomas Oscar Miles Weddings

The day will vary, as all weddings do! If you are marrying in a hotel with everything in the same place I will be with you from before your ceremony. Meeting you in the morning is my chance to check any details, meet key players (photographer, maid of Honour etc) and make sure everything is going to plan. A few words often help to calm any nerves and dispel any worries. First look with your Dad? I'm there - a little "briefing" will make that first look perfect, and get you great photos.I'm not there to take over - but you'd be amazed what a difference it makes to have someone with an overview of the whole day, checking timings, making sure everyone is where they need to be. I carry handbags, cut labels out of dresses, move luggage - whatever it takes! I love meeting your bride tribe too - teaching them the rhymes for how to hold flowers, chasing up errant boyfriends, taking pics...

Don't worry - we'd already had the first look!

If your wedding is at a church, or at different venues it may be more appropriate for me to meet you there - so that when you arrive I am waiting to greet you and still do all the calming/advising and preening you need!

Lizzie's Stratford Upon Avon Wedding Day
Ready to greet the bride - At Shakespeare's Church!

And the Groom...

Looking after the Groom and his boys can be super easy - or it can be like herding cats!  Whilst there isn't usually as much going on, there is still plenty for the Wedding Butler to do!  Tying ties, finding cufflinks (yes, I carry spares!), checking we have speeches, rings and of course the buttonholes - its all part of the job.  The Groom also gets some calming advice!

Final prep for the Groom